Insty Quotes Goldberg

(IS THAT TWO LEGS of a latter-day political Tinker-to-Evans-to-Chance?)

Insty quotes Goldberg saying this:

A lot of conservatives today are too quick to think that because liberals have some affinity for Marxist sentiments that they are actual Marxists. Liberals often make the same mistakes as Marxists, but they’re not Marxists. In the 1960s, the distinctions between Marxists and liberals was much more apparent and it’s worth remembering that the radicals often hated the liberals more than they hated the conservatives.

Me, I must demur. Not that Jonah is wrong on the intellectual point, but that said point is immaterial. Liberals are used by Marxists — even while they are despised by them — as cannon fodder and stalking horses for their terrible ideas. That liberals bring about Marxist ends, despite the Marxists’ despite, is the real point.

“By their fruits shall ye know them.” That’s all she wrote.

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