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AS HE SAYS a question he’s never considered, an article at The Volokh Conspiracy which asks the musical questionnn…

Does Dressing Up as a Cop, Staging Fake Traffic Stops, Looking for Drugs, and then Keeping the Drugs Violate the Fourth Amendment?

Well. I have. Considered it. And the answer is, “Yes.” The wording of the Amendment is absolute. It does not limit the prohibition to agents of the state. In fact, at the Framing, there were no agents of the state. Professional police forces being a later development. And, As I Discuss below, a right that is enforceable only against the state is no right at all.

Apparently, the judge in the case has his head up his ass, because he disagrees with me. (And, you know, that is a primary symptom of recto-cranial inversion. Disagreeing with me, I mean.)

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