Insty Points to What

HE CALLS A much too sensible to ever be implemented.

I have one, too. (I bet everybody does.) Mine has the unique attribute that it might actually garner bipartisan support, if shepherded through Congress by sufficiently savvy sponsors.

First: freeze hiring. Except for military recruitment, no more Federal hires. Nobody gets fired, but no new employeeds taken on. Allow attrition to take its toll. Inter-departmental transfers are acceptable.

Second: freeze budgets. Not cuts, but no expansison, either. Preach and teach that the expansion of government is a major driver of inflation, which robs widows and orphans of their savings or endowments.

Third: any Federal department not provided for in the Constitution (with the exception of the Air Force) is to be zeroed out by date certain. Timing is to be arranged so that at no time will any department remain unstaffed, but that, once the staff is RIFed or otherwise atritted entirely, the budget is to be zeroed out and any remaining funds returned to the Treasury to be applied to the debt.

At no time is anyone to be separated involuntarily except for cause. All current retirement and health care obligations are to be met. Double-dipping is to be forbidden, but individuals’ receiving both public and private benefits is acceptable.

No math. I don’t have the requisite source material. But I suspect that, well within a decade, the budget will fall into balance, corruption in Congress will disappear, and the economy will shoot for the stars.

Without a similar program, though, I suspect it’s all over for the USA.

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