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AN ITEM AT HUFFPO and I won’t link there, because they don’t need my traffic, and I object however small to making a contribution. However, it’s worth quoting as Glenn did to make a point:

Gun control not only does no practical good; it actively causes harm. It may be hard to show that it saves lives [Perhaps because it doesn’t — quite the contrary. — Ed.], but it’s easy to demonstrate that we’ve sacrificed a generation of progress on things like health care, women’s rights, immigration reform, income fairness, and climate change because we keep messing with people’s guns. I am researching a book on Americans’ relationship to their guns, and keep meeting working-stiff gun guys — people whose wages haven’t risen since 1978 and should be natural Democrats — who won’t even listen to the blue team because they’re convinced Democrats want to take away their guns. Misguided? Maybe. But that’s democracy for you. [Doesn’t help that the Democrats keep trying to subvert the Republic — not Democracy — as which America is founded. Nor does it help that none of their proposals nor any of their methods is in the least bit democratic. — Ed.] It’s helpful to think of gun control as akin to marijuana prohibition — useless for almost everything except turning otherwise law-abiding people into criminals and fomenting cynicism and resentment. [The two are also similar in that the efforts at control focus on objects rather than behavior, and that both are essentially anti-liberty overreaches which goverment has no business making. — Ed.] All the talk of a new large-magazine ban hits gun guys’ ears like liberals using this disaster to trim back gun rights a little. [Fairly accurate perception, nest paw? — Ed.] It reinforces the toxic narrative that the Democrats are the enemy of regular guys, which is the last thing we need right now.

Glenn asserts that the toxic narrative is pretty much true, in which he’s right. BUT… It doesn’t go far enough. This same paragraph can be written about pretty much any of the Left’s pet issues, including especially the ones mentioned. The Left keeps losing ground because people the Left thinks ought to be its natural constituency see the Left — in a tendentiously invidious manner — messing with people’s liberties.

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