Innit Delightful How

THE LEFT PROVES the case of those In the Right — that their arguments carry no weight, that their policy stances are more style than substance, that their politics cannot stand up in a fair fight in the Arena of Ideas?

The argumentum ad hominem, as we all know, instantly renders invalid the position of one using it. It demonstrates so clearly that one cannot refute the opposition with reason or logic, and that all one has left is to attack the person and character of your opponent. As Billy Beck points out in reporting a call made to bring down Glenn Beck; as Sean Hannity has demonstrated on his radio show Tuesday by playing a voicemail message left by an apparently Bubbleheaded Bleach Blonde voicing all manner of vituperation and (actionable) threats. (Apparently nobody told her that it’s a bad idea to make threats against persons receiving Secret Service protection, such as — oh, I dunno — a former Vice President.) While it’s funny when she runs out of steam, it’s rather ominous that anybody thinks this is valid political discourse.

But that’s leftists for you. As P.J. O’Rourke says, leftism is basically the ideology of the spoiled brat. And nothing says “overweening sense of self-entitlement” like a good-old ad hominem rant.

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