In the Whole Public Sector Union

BROUHAHA, I HAVEN’T heard it put exactly like this, but it seems so — so — apposite. Appositive, evennn.

You know how you can tell what leftists are up to or feeling like they’re going to get challenged on (guilty conscience, maybe?) by just watching what they accuse their opponents of doing?

And… You know that whole canard about how rich people got that way “on the backs of” the poor people — people they exploited, or held up at gunpoint, and forced — forced — to buy products they wouldn’t otherwise ordinarily give even the thought to determine the time of day, thus making the rich, well… richer?

And does it strike you odd that public sector employees generally earn a lot more — sometimes twice as much — as the taxpayers (forced to pay, ultimately, at gunpoint) who pay their salaries? (Once you consider total compensation packages.)

And I’m sure you’re inclined to go, “Well — hey! — you know, if they can get it…”

But does the symmetry of it all have even the slightest acid bite, like lemon juice on a paper cut?

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