In His Known Space Stories

LARRY NIVEN POSTULATED that, in encounters with alien species, it wouldn’t matter their actual intentions. The only sane and rational assumption — for the sake of the entire human race at the ad infinitum — would be that any unknown alien has hostile intent.

Failure to think this way could result in Earth’s being taken unaware by an invading species and humanity’s being wiped out. The neat catch phrase in conclusion is: Paranoia is a survival trait.

For some time, now, I’ve believed that there is a parallel to this in American politics, with statists taking the part of the invading species and individualists the resisting native humans.

Over ‘t Vanderleun’s this morning, in the Thinking Right, Gerard links to an item in the Brussels Journal. (Good luck with that link.) Which asks the decades-old question about leftists — stupid or venal?

While I agree with Gerard that the takeaway is that Obama’s operating from malice, it’s not — in my case — due to any specific cases, but from a general policy, formed years ago, that there is no good intent in what Democrats seek to do to America. The Left is formed ab initio in bad faith, is bent on evil deeds, and does not scruple at even murder to reach its ends. As such, there is no trusting it; there can be no benefit of the doubt; there can only be war — one hopes metaphorical, but one must be prepared to take it to the streets. (As unwelcome as that prospect may be.)

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