In A Post Occasioned by the Final Launch of Discovery

SARAH HOYT waxes … eloquent on the subject of human expansion. In doing so, she alludes to the fact that there are species traitors in our midst, and that (at present), they are charged with the training of our young, and they have failed in that charge in an egregious and despicable manner inasmuch as they attempt (most deliberately) to inculcate in our young a hatred of their own species.

There is a word for species which practice this. It is extinct.

And worse: this is not an unanticipated side-effect of an otherwise praiseworthy ideology, but rather a deliberate policy aimed at the destruction of the pinnacle of our species’ civilization.

There is a word for this kind of policy. It is evil.

This is not an overwrought exaggeration, but rather a clear-eyed, calm statement of fact. Keep it in mind, will you?

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