I’mRight and the Rest of the World is Stupid

OHIO VOTERS, TUESDAY overturned the results of the 2010 election. That they did so in a blind panic stirred up by the lies of public sector unions from SEIU to the NEA, and in the face of virtually NO countervailing press or advertisement really doesn’t matter. They did it.

The principle claim was that, if limits on collective bargaining and increased contributions (yes, more than zero is still an increase) to medical and retirement benefits for public employees were to have been kept in-place (as passed by a duly-elected Assembly and signed into law by a duly-elected governor, but these are minor details to Democrats bent on a tantrum to get what they want and to hell with the propriety or the consequences), public safety would suffer. In evidence, they ran a virtual clone of that stupid Brinks commercial that we here have so derided from time-to-time. You know, the one that claimed that response time changes due to budget cuts would have anything to do with citizen safety in the face of housebreaking or assault.

That’s right, the public fell for a Democrat lie. Who’d ha’ thunk it?

And, of course, the changes in the collective bargaining laws would not have resulted in service cuts. Au contraire, mon frere, the savings represented — as has been the case in Wisconsin and elsewhere — would have saved jobs. Now, faced with ballooning budgets, Ohio municipalities will be forced to cut staffing. They won’t have a choice. The ones who’re left will get their medical coverage and retirement paid for, but there’ll be fewer of them. You tell me which has a greater impact on public safety.

Or garbage collection.

Oh, and, here in Cincinnasty, the idiot voters defeated a measure intended to rein in a runaway city council, seemingly bent on bankrupting the city to give the Mayor his own private train set to play with.

What!? It for sure won’t do shit for public transportation. And it sure as shit won’t pay for itself. No “public mass transit” project ever does.
That’s why private companies got out of the business fifty years ago.

Like I said: idiots.

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