I’m Usually Down on Political Excumenism

AS BEING WEAK ON THE ISSUES and not having the courage of your convictions. Politics is war with different methods, and to win at war, you have to drive your enemies before you, hear the laminations of the women and all that bumpf.

But commerce isn’t war, which is something it has going for it, in my opinion, nor is it politics — except to the extent that some people just can’t keep politics out of every crack the sand gets into when you’re underdressed on the beach.

Bob Mayer posts a request for a little less rhetoric and a little more civility in the whole indie-vs-tradpub debate. I have to agree. There’s little point and a lot of idiocy in a policy that has Tobias Buckell blathering on as he did the other day. (Of course, it’s just Tobias blathering on as he does, so I pay it a little less heed than I might otherwise.) But still. Joe Konrath doesn’t come off much better in that regard. You start calling people potty-mouth names and some of it inevitably splashes back on you. Shit be like that.

The bottom line is you should just let people go their own way. Me, I’d urge anyone seeking publication to at least consider indie publishing (though, as a lot of people have pointed out lately, how much independence there’s going to remain anywhere is debatable). At the same time, I’m not going to kick over the rice bowl of an author who’s happy with her agent and her three-book contract with a perfectly reputable house. I’m just not. And I don’t think it’s very mensch-ly of you to do it, either.

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