I’m Sorry, But I STILL

DON’T GET THIS WHOLE “You Don’t Have Standing” thing.

Case in Minnesota, reported at PowerLine, involves a publicly-funded Muslim school.
Which is a clear violation of the First Amendment if Congress has established the religion — or, by extension, if the Federal Government pours even so much as a penny into the school system’s coffers. And, according to Fourteenth Amendment inclusion doctrine, state and local governments are also forbidden to break this commandment.

Given that everybody’s First Amendment rights are being infringed when this kind of thing happens, how in the world can any citizen be said to not have standing to bring a suit. Is that not itself a violation of the First Amendment right to “petition the goverment for redress of grievances”?

And, given that the Constitution is a charter defining the limits on government first and foremost, how in the world does the government get to decide what is and what is not reasonable, infringing, and who has standing to do what?

It is truly a Bizarro World proposition.

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