I’m Not Sure We Want

PAUL RYAN RUNNING for President. And people should stop urging it on him. Early indicators from interviews with him are that he has his head screwed on right and shouldn’t be jarred off his track.

The president is one person. He has the machinery of the Executive Branch — notionally, at least — at his command, but he’s still one person.

Balance that against the power of Congress, and for the Right’s program to gain traction, we have to have staunch liberty-oriented conservatives in both places. We have that in Congress. Ryan is the right man in a position of power and influence that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to acquire.

And Ryan doesn’t look to move any time soon, so why push him to? We need to concentrate on getting SOMEBODY ELSE into the White House. Somebody who is on-board with the Ryan plan — or one like it — and who wants to move America away from slavery and collectivism and toward liberty and individualism.

And, now, Michael Barone seems to be pushing the notion.

Even the most staunch can have his head turned by too much of the right (or wrong) kind of blandishments.

It’s almost as though the Left and establishment players in the GOP in Washington WANT us to throw the game.

Gee! Where have I heard that before?

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