If You Want to Pick A Fight

I THINK IT MIGHT BEHOOVE us to consider with whom the fight is to be.

I joined Jon Henke’s Neolibertarian network when it first sprang up. However, reading Henke on Q&O, I came to the conclusion that he is a punk. He’s too busy attacking his fellow travelers for ideological impurity to pay attention to the main issue — the existential fight for the survival of the Republic.

But, rather than attack him for it, I simply stopped reading him and paid him no mind. After all, he still is a soldier on my side of the fight. What good does it do me to beat up on him? It wastes my energy and diminishes the strength on our side. Where’s the win, here?

I think that’s the case for the lot of you who excoriate those who disagree with you, as Reagan put it, 20% of the time, forgetting they agree with you 80% of the time.

In-fighting is invidious. Let’s have a little less of it.

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