If You Want to Know

WHY THE MUSIC BUSINESS is having such trouble selling product these days, take a look at the outlook of the marketers, as metonymized in the Opinion column of the Devember 12, 2009 issue of Billboard (Sorry, can’t find the thing online, but it’s in the front of the magazine on newsstands – Mary J. Blige is on the cover.) It is, to quote Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, a really BIG pile of shit.

There was a reason that music overtook the consciousness of so many people in the ’60s and it didn’t have anything to do with hippie ways or political movements. It had to do with who was running the record companies and their outlook toward their “product.” In fact, I would peg the start of the decline in the industry that we see the other end of today to the period in time when use of the term “product” to describe music became current and acceptable.

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