If You Need Further Evidence Democrats

ARE SHAMELESS — that is, incapable of feeling shame for their actions — check this: In Two Democrat primaries this past Tuesday, Barack Obama — running unopposed — got no more than 60% of the vote.

Sort of the inverse of the old the-dictator-gets-99%-of-the-vote.

Sort of like that, Dolly.

Any rational person would take that as a pretty firm sign of rejection and slink off on down the street.

But I saw a TV ad by the Obama campaign that looked just like the chart of debt and deficits under the Democrats. You know … matters burble along plus-or-minus a pretty minor-looking level, then: WHAMMO! — inverted hockey stick. Massive plunge.

Except it was jiggered to make it look as though the recession was all Bush’s fault.

Nevermind that, until Obama took office, unemployment was practically nonexistent. Nevermind that, until the Democrats took over Congress in ’07 and tanked the financial sector — and fought a bitter-ender rear-guard action, preventing the administration from taking any remedial measures with Fannie and Freddie, the administration was warning of a looming disaster caused by insufficient oversight of Fannie and Freddie and that Democrats have deny-deny-denied ever since. Nevermind that, despite the twenty-however-many months of anemic growth since Obama “rescued” (read: nationalized, i.e.: stole) the auto industry… the growth in the economy HAS been anemic. And never mind that Government Motors is still in the dumps while Ford (who didn’t get bailed out) is kicking ass and taking numbers. Nevermind that Obama’s signature effort is so deeply unpopular that, if the Supremes don’t strike it down, there WILL be blood in the streets, I’m convinced.

Never mind that every single initiative his campaign takes up in new media is met with and goes down in flames of massive derision, hooting, howling, laughing, and pointing.

Right. Never mind that.

It all seems so shrill and desperate. Obama’s got to know he’s going to lose in a landslide. He’s just got to.

Oh, I don’t know. He’s a Democrat and a Marxist. Both are pretty much definitionally infinitely capable of self-deception.

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