If You Look in the Wiktionary Under

DISINGENUOUS there should be a picture of James Hansen and a link to this article. Please to remember he is on the government payroll and has used his position to mouth off about global warming, in violation of government regs about such stuff, and then has the freaking gall to complain that he’s being stifled.

Please to remember that he’s the one who got Patrick Kennedy to shout from some stage at some rally that people who “deny” global warming ought to be arrested, tried, convicted, and execution for treason.

Please to remember that he’s the one who encouraged and participated in violent, destructive protests in the UK.

So now that the public is beginning to have the scales fall from their eyes and have some justifiably harsh reactions to this … this … little turd’s perfidy, he whines like a little titty-baby that he needs a police escort to go spew his lies at some commie circle jerk somewhere?

World’s smallest violin, playing “Hearts and Flowers” just for you, Jimmy boy. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Fuck off.

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