If You Are Not Already a Skeptic

OR A SCOFFER on the topic of so-called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, you need to go and read this article.

I have expounded on these topics in the past, using somewhat different referents and examples. The author here comes at it from a different background and choses an other, perhaps more-telling example.

To give the reader an idea of how big the box has become, consider that Robert T. Merrill puts the median radius of an Atlantic hurricane at 2.4 degrees of latitude. The new grid box is now so big that it could nearly swallow the median size Atlantic hurricane whole, all the way to the outermost radius of closed isobar. This would reduce an Atlantic hurricane to just one average temperature, pressure and humidity value in the model. That would be absurd on its face.

Now, that one example alone should illustrate for you the vacuity of the warming-panic-merchants’ case. But Thompson doesn’t stop there.


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