If This Intel Can

BE VERIFIED THEN it seems to me that the appropriate response to this provocation would be a decapitation strike. Regime change. Glassy fields.

The Russians seem to be good at that. Maybe they’d school us.

The little teapot dictator-slash-Hitler wannabe, Achmed-Dinnerjacket, keeps mouthing off. And the closer they get (so they’d have us believe) to having their very own personal nukes, the more belligerent the mouthoffs seem to get. Almost like they were trying to hide something. Like… maybe their nukage isn’t as far along as they want us to believe?

Trouble with that is, you start making threats, people start taking you seriously.

They tell you not to even joke about bombs or hijackings at airports. Same rule ought to apply here. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

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