If Only Uncle Joe Knew

SOME OF THE MAN-CAUSED DISASTERS under the Stalin regime in the Soviet Union were not done in secret. People knew they were going on at the time, and the victims of the actions could scarcely believe their eyes. Letters were written to Uncle Joe (Stalin), begging him for relief from these importuning local bureaucrats. “If only Uncle Joe knew this was going on,” people thought, “surely he’d stop it.”

Tell yourself the truth, you’ve thought much the same upon occasion. Surely Hilary Clinton couldn’t seriously intend the utter disaster the health care plan being built in her name would visit on the American people, our economy, our nation. She has the reputation of being a smart woman — to countenance such idiocy runs counter to that.

Surely a firm liberal can’t possibly support gun control. Not with all the evidence of what despotic governments have done to disarmed populations. That runs counter to everything liberals profess to believe about liberty and self-determination.

You’ve cried out to shame the thunder that the press is obligated — as a matter of sacred duty — to challenge [fill-in-the-blank]’s lies, such as he blathered in a White House press conference only yesterday!

If only somebody in this person’s orb had the sense and the gonads to tell him the unpleasant truth about the risky nature, the wild unpopularity, the flat-out illegality of his policy prescriptions, you’ve thought, he’d have to change his mind — or, at least, consider the alternative.


Well, apparently, somebody DID tell Obama all that. And, guess what? Din’t mean shit.

What lesson should you, Gentle Reader, draw from this? Why, when a man tells you what he’s going to do to you, take him at his word.

It’s not as though Obama was at all shy about his intent to destroy the American economy, eviscerate the Constitution, and in general vitiate his oath of office.

Did you think he was lying to you when he told you he was going to make coal-fired electrical power so expensive as to drive it off the market?

Did you think he was kidding when he (in the person of his harridan wife) told you he was going to put the lie to American history, to revise our national ideals, to, in short, redefine the American experiment to one in socialism, rather than freedom?

Did you think Obama was mistaken when he told you he would gladly accept being a one-term president, so long as he could wreak his havoc in that one term?

Don’t be silly.

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