If None Dare Call It Treason


With all due respect to the Blogfather, I submit this is nonsense.

A WISE READER CAUTIONS: “If I may offer a word of caution: The Benghazi affair is dreadfully serious, but the charge of treason against the President is overboard and will backfire. I hope you will use your good offices to tamp this down and keep people focused on the real issue: Who Was In Charge That Night? Wild talk about treason does not help.”

“Not helpful” is what our enemies say when they really mean “Shut up!” This is not a call for comity. This is giving cover to criminals. And concealing crimes. And getting us back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible.

The President is liable for these charges. He has engaged in acts which violate his oath of office and do, indeed, truly amount to giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. And he is only the last in a long line of usurpatious … I can only sputter in wet-hen rage.

We the People are sick and tired of politicians getting away with betrayals of the Republic, the Constitution, and the People — yes, with treason. If Washington’s denizens refuse to punish those who so fouly demean their offices, spit on the flag, spurn the Constitution, and sneer at the people for “not helping”, then FUCK THEM. They broke it. We’ll fix it.

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