If a Chilling Effect

MATTERS IN THE CASE of one Bill-of Right, wouldn’t it matter in the case of all ten? So, if to have a chilling effect on your right of free speech, or the right of a free press to operate without let is reprehensible and impermissable, what about your right to self defense?

And, couldn’t the revelation that you may be armed have a chilling effect on your right of self-defense? And wouldn’t that effect be created by the publication of your concealed carry license status? And wouldn’t the publication of your private carry license status in a newspaper tend to create such an effect?

And, as a newspaper is a collective effort, generally, to be assembled, written, printed, and distributed by a (rather large) corporation composed of individuals, wouldn’t a concerted and unlawful effort by a newspaper be considered a conspiracy?

And wouldn’t that make the article alluded to in the linked post a violation of 18USC 241, as a conspiracy to — at least attempt to — deny the free exercise of an enumerated constitutional right?

Now, Congress may make no law abridging the freedom of the press. Therefor, it may not act in prior restraint. However, that is not to say that there must be no consequences for intemperate abuse of the freedom granted the press.

And, even if one is unwilling to abridge the freedom of the press, perhaps one might also admit that, for the state to require a license to be issued for a citizen to lawfully carry a weapon, which license must, of necessity, become a matter of public record, itself creates a chilling effect on the free exercise of the right, and therefor be considered in and of itself unconstitutional, and therefor unlawful?

And couldn’t you just hear the moaners — who all believe that the justice ought to be administered on the basis of what they believe to be the way things should be, instead of how they really are — railing about how unjust it is that they should be “harrassed” for committing and actual — you know — crime, while the real criminals (i.e., the people exercising their God-give, constitutionally-protected rights) get away with “it”?

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