Idiot Liberals

THE GRADUATED INCOME TAX — hell, any income tax was anathema to the Founders, and for damned good reason. It’s invidious. The enforcement is, of necessity, invasive. Intrusive. Vitiating of privacy. Of liberty. All of these things were, as usual with leftist nostrums, known before the 16th Amendement was passed.

In the dark of night.

With a bare quorum of extreme partisans in Congress. With parliamentary tricks in state assemblies. With lies as to its extent and effects. With a camel’s nose under the tent that’s grown and grown until we’re faced with the spectre of ONE. SINGLE. TAX. Eating up twenty percent of the Gross Domestic Product and nobody seems to be able to do a damned thing about it!

With a full-court press of court-packing to prevent any attempt, with mad-dog mau-mau abuse-of-power out-and-out violations of Holy Writ in defense against all attempts to turn back its manfiestly evil effects, its corrosive acid etching away at the solidarity of the body politic.

Legions of citizen legislators march to Washington to slay this dragon, and yet it refuses to die. Hordes of citizens in the wasteland that was the most prosperous nation in the history of history struggle to stand, like so many fallen caryatids under the unbearable burden of this tax, rise in timid, diffident protest, only to be slandered by the soi-disant ruling class as tea-baggers and greedy and worse.

Hear me! The income tax is the creature of evil! It is a a myrmidon of darkness. You only need know that so ill a being as Karl Marx urged it on the world to know its true nature! To resist its imposition is the veriest heart of patriotism.

To pay, to defend this odious tax is not patriotic! It is … un-American!

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