THIS SEEMS COCKEYED to me. So the New York Supreme Court (I thought that was the municipal court in NY?) says it’s OK for the state of New York to tax interstate commerce.

So? That and $4 will get you ripped off at Starbucks. (Wow! Remember when a cup of White Castle coffee cost a nickel?)

Maybe this is a question of having to pass “GO!” or something — climb the ladder in state court first before you can get to the Feds, but it seems to me that A) the state courts don’t have jurisdiction, this being a Federal matter, and 2) the entire NY court system ought to recuse itself on the basis of a conflict of interest. “Yes, we’re allowed to tax your customers, even though the Federal Constitution prohibits it. You can trust me on that, because I’m impartial.”

I laugh up my sleeve at the veriest notion.

I’m glad to see Amazon pursuing this. But I wish just once that principle didn’t cost more than accomodation with tyrants. If it didn’t ruin a business to say to an overweaning state government, “Fair enough. We’ll stop selling in your state, then, and you can explain to your citizens why that is.” It would be nice. I’m just sayin’s all.

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