I Won’t Say I

TOLD YOU SO (although I did), but Og is back. (::fanfare: taran-taran-tarantilly::) And a big HUZZAH!

I’m not terribly suprised, however glad I may be. As I ‘splained to Toni, somebody who goes to the trouble of setting up a blog is displaying a serious disorder — the need to write. As RAH put it, you write because you can’t not write.

Well, that might not have been Heinlein. But it’s true.

So, after awhile of not writing, not posting …

‘Cept for…::mmph!::

A-ah! Dolly. That’s confidential. Not for you to speak of. OUCH! If you bite me again…

If you try to muzzle me again…

::alger and da doll glare at each other across the desk::

You done?

What!? Me? You were the one…

A’ a’ ah!

::slow burn::

ANY way… Og’s back. Go celebrate. Read. Bring his traffic back up.

And don’t stop reading Dick daily.

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