I Wonder How

LONG IT WILL TAKE before some Open Line Friday caller braces Limbaugh and forces el Rushbo to throw “Mr. Newt” under the bus for his recent un-conservative statements.

There seems to be an arc that pseudo-conservatives follow that would be prescribed by Buckley’s law which states that any institution (or, in this case, person) which/who is not explicitly conservative will be turned eventually to leftist purposes.

Or however that goes.

David Brock. Remember The Real Anita Hill? And Trent Lott. And Bob Dole. And the Bushes, pere et frere. Und Der Gubernator. And myriad others. Now Newt.

There were rumblings of it back in the mid-90s. He seemed too ready to walk back some of his more incendiary (read: more truthful) statements. He seemed too easily swayed by leftist eco-fetish nostrums and only gave true conservation lip service. He seemed too ready to work with the enemy — the Democrats — rather than to defeat them.

It’s a sad trajectory, but in some cases, it seems inevitable.

::sigh:: <charliebrown>Good grief!</charliebrown>

Update: Fran reminds me in comments that that is Robert Conquest’s first law of politics. Deja vu all over again. I seem to have forgotten that at least once before and been reminded of it. Perhaps writing it here will help reinforce the lesson.

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