I Wish I Could Get This

TO THE DEFENSE LAWYERS for the intrepid O’Keefe and Giles in the threatened case on Maryland’s wiretap law, which I submit is unconstitutional on at least two counts.

The State’s Attorney in question should be prosecuted under Joe Huffman’s fave rave, 18 USC 242, which makes it un-awful and ill-eagle for an official under color of law to deny exercise of constitutionally-protected rights.

Which ones would those be, Alger?

Well, if Freedom of the Press doesn’t get it, how about “All Others,” as in the Tenth Amendment?

Oh. Keh. That’s a stretch. But granting you that, how does “Congress shall mayke no lawe…” apply to the State of Maryland?

Um… the Tenth Amendment doesn’t specify Congress. It therefore applies to any actor, state or private, at any level of jurisdiction, Federal, State, or local.

OK. That is a stretch.

Is it? I’d like to see it fairly tried.

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