I Will Not Stop Saying This

UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD agrees with me as a matter of course. Coyote, who really ought to know better, goes all ecumenical on us on the subject of unions.

…[A] group or agency does initial good work (private unions in the early 20th century, civil rights groups in the 60′s and 70′s, the EPA in the early 70′s) but refuse to go away and declare victory, instead morphing into self-sustaining parasites whose only concern is their own survival.

Unions are, ab initio and fundamentally un-American institutions. They start out taking as their raison d’etre a violation of the right of free association, trample on the rights of private property, depend on violence physical as well as commercial and coercion for their power, and break the price signalling function of a freely operating marketplace in labor. Then, once they collude with statists in government to get their enabling legislation enacted, they pass from those basic crimes to adding the restriction on the freedom of employees to sell their labor when, where, and as they see fit, and the outright theft or extortion of dues. (As in the post at Coyote Blog.) From there, they widen the scope of their evil to corrupt the political system with their money and influence. No Democrat would ever win an election if it weren’t for the corruption of unions.

People in the Right or interested in true liberty need to stop granting unions the benefit of doubt they do not deserve. They are despicable tools of despicable people and deserve only the backs of our hand, and honest workmen should not permit them to steal their labor.

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