I Want to Know

WHY IN THE HELL the Department of Homeland Security is parsing We the Little People based on our political preferences.

Could somebody where exactly in the Constitution it says the Federal Government has a brief for internal security in the first place?

I mean, if it was doing its job on the borders, I suspect that some of the internal stuff would take care of itself.

Do ya think maybe it’s a bit of a sleight-of-hand distraction? Pretend to be doing something about internal security to distract from that they’re doing fuck-all about border security (which is really their job)?

While internal security is not? That’s how creeping leviathanism works — abdicate fiduciary responsibilities to go haring off after things that are none of their business. Oh, yeah.

So people who believe that the Constitution ought to be followed to the letter are now way-out-there wackadoo extremists?

You know, the more I hear about this, the madder I get. I really can’t say much, because it’s so freaking sputtersome. I really do think that Janet Napolitano (and her boss) is an enemy of the people. She’s clearly in violation of her oath of office…

But, then again, since her office itself is unconstitutional…

She was foresworn just taking the job? Yeah. Maybe.

You’d think the Left would have learned their lessons back in the ’60s, when there were cases where five guys would be in a conspiracy against the government and four of them were feds. They railed at Nixon then.

Like he invented the shit.

Right. And LBJ wasn’t past master at it himself.

And now I hear Gleen Grennwold (no links for you, slimeball) is chortling all schadenfreude and shit, “See how it feels?” If only. And, I feel bound to point out, the liberty-oriented folk on the Right — pardon me, IN the Right — inveighed against the Patriot Act and the formation of the DHS in the first place — particularly on the point of what could/would happen when the Democrats got their hands on the wheel and swerved us to the Left, not to mention it’s unconstitutional. So that dog won’t hunt on this patch. Sorry.

But there’s a lot of young folks in the Right who don’t have personal memories of the ’60s. These are their ’60s, so to speak. And if you want to radicalize somebody quicklikeabunny, accuse them unjustly of sedition.

Hmmm. Maybe I better shut up now.

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