I Used to Think It Was School Traffic

BUT NOW I WONDER… does anybody besides me notice how much nicer and lighter the traffic is since the .gov shutdown?

A-a-a-a-a-and… another thing. What’s with all the concern-trolling for .gov employees. (Love ya guys.) I mean, seriously? Since the Democrats took over in ought-seven, I’ve lost my health insurance, had my income cut by 30%, seen my debt climb some incredible number, my household expenses nearly double… And for what? Why should I feel sorry for somebody who gets a guaranteed COLA every year, has incredible job security, who WILL get paid for time off during this furlough — eventually, has the cadillac health coverage at no cost provided by tax money STOLEN from my paycheck before I ever get to see it — at the point of a gun, I’m bound to point out?

Whose mission in life appears to be to exert control over the lives of other citizens for no good reason at whim and at will, arbitrarily and capriciously without recourse? To — viciously — violate the constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of Americans? To murderously invade home of innocent bystanders willy nilly, whether with warrant or not, to steal private citizen’s secrets from businesses who have no right or let to divulge even the presence of those secrets?

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

Suck it!

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