I Think I’ve Figured it Out

BACK IN THE LATE FORTIES a bunch of science fiction writers were sitting around Heinlein’s kitchen (or some place like that) and BS-ing about religion and suchlike. And, after a few pops, L.Ron Hubbard bet Fred Pohl (or somebody like that) that he could create the next great religion using principles he pulled directly out his ass. Thus was born Dianetics, and then Scientology.

Ann Coulter seems lately to have taken a blow to the occiput. First Chris Cristy and now Mittens Romney. In the last few whenevers, she’s even been heard to aver and avow that Romney is the anti-establishment candidate.

While everybody else to the right of the menshevik next door is wobbita-wobbita-wobbita over the dissonance, I’ve got it figured out.

Coulter, after a few single malts in Bill Maher’s man cave, has made a bet with Matt Drudge that she can persuade the libertarian right to vote for a liberal statist. And Drudge took the bet.

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