I Think I Get Why

SARAH PALIN IS campaigning for John McCain in the Arizona Senate race. She gets points for loyalty, if not for perspicacity on this one. And she’s stuck in a cleft stick not entirely of her own making. But the bottom line is: this kind of calculation is the very thing we’re supposed to be fighting against. Supporting the guy with the most time-in-grade, regardless of whether his conservative/libertarian/anti-statist street cred is all that… credible … is just not on. Not any more. We got rid of Arlen Spector. We need to get rid of John McCain (thank you for your service to our country). Military service is praiseworthy, yes. But it’s not an innoculation against all crimes great and small. The man missed the “Make No Law” part of his oath of office. For that alone, he deserves a heaping helping of opprobrium.

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