I Tend to Question Everything

ALTHOUGH I DON’T always speak up. But I firmly believe that the first freedom is the freedom to be left alone. Activist or proactive government is an aggressor government, and how much the greater ill to aggress against one’s own citizens than a foreign nation? So I question the truism that “We get the government we deserve” and its corollary that, because we prefer to vote by not voting — selecting, as it were, “None of the above”, we are thereby somehow derelict in our civic duty.

You’re using “we” in the collective sense, because you can’t mean yourself — you vote.

Yes, Dolly. We is plural and, by default, collects all those present into a single object or group. Your point?

Just sayin’s, all.

Eh-heh. Right.

So I don’t accept that a citizen should be required to involve himself in politics. I do, however, believe, that those who do involve themselves in politics should always put themselves at risk of life and limb. You want to meddle in the affairs of your neighbors, be prepared for them to say — and for you to accept as dispositive — “NO!” Or even, “Oh, HELL no!”

While it is true that all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing, it should be taken as axiomatic that evil may not like what good men do in defense of their own liberty. And that, when the state no longer supports and defends those actions of good men in defense of liberty, the state has ceased to be a legitimate governor of mens actions and should —
read: must — be replaced.

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