I Swear I’m About Ready

TO TAKE A PERMANENT moritorium on catblogging. Seems as though I’m a jinx. Loki’s in hospital.

Sunday evening, as we were getting ready for dinner, Loki threw up some bile on the living room carpet. Not unusual in a longhaired cat.

But then he started exhibiting major distress.

His breathing got faster and he looked… worried. I flashed back to when we lost Bandit to cardiomyopathy, back in the early ’90s. The first sign we had he was in trouble, he had been doing something the like to Loki’s rapid breathing, and only the differences gave me hope for Loki in that instant.

Toni picked Loki up and a did a quick assessment of visible symptoms — gums clear and pink, nose cold and moist, eyes clear, seemed alert. Bandit had been actually panting, open-mouthed, and you could see without trying that his gums were pale. The most worrisome part of Loki’s mini checkup is that he put up with it. He’s not big on being held, but at that moment, he looked as though he were glad to be cuddled.

Then Toni put him down on the floor and he just flat fell over. Stood him up again and he did it again.

She called the junior vet at the practice to ask advice, and the good doctor said, “Meet me at the clinic.” 9:00 Sunday night. Definitely one doc due a medal for above and beyond.

He doesn’t seem blocked, although I wouldn’t put it past a good does of Felaxin to put him right. His temp was 99, a tad low. They gave him some fluids and will check him further in the AM. The doc is of the opinion he’s anemic. A blood draw will tell the tale on that.

So now he’s in that dark place he really hates with only a mouthy Senegalese parrot for company.

And I’m worried for him.

Pray for him, would you?

Update: (Lunchtime Monday) … Toni reports that Loki’s not blocked. (The concern over blockage was possibly urinary tract blockage or kidney problem, not a hairball — my mistake.) They got a urine sample and were able to get that tested. Getting blood was a challenge — always has been with Loki; it went to the lab around noon. Results probably tomorrow, but maybe late this afternoon. His temp this AM was 99.9F. He’s just a cool cat. He wasn’t falling over in the clinic environment. His breathing seems OK. He still looks unhappy… depressed. Toni bring him home tonight. But all summed up, we really don’t know anything. Just part of the ongoing mystery of “What’s wrong with Loki?” I guess.

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