I Suppose Somebody Had to Do It

BUT JOHN HINDERAKER expends a great deal of effort and a good many pixels taking down a Democrat talking points memo claiming that Republicans are newly engaging in “Politics as Warfare” against the odious, treasonous, unlawful, and indefensible tactics and public policy prescriptions of the Left. And does an excellent job of it, do I say so myself. If only it were necessary.

All one really needs to say in response to such a “really big pile of shit”* is that it is tendentiously leftist to accuse one’s enemies of doing what one is, indeed, doing, in an effort to innoculate onesself against the same accusation. Once the meme has achieved penetration of the public mindspace, it becomes possible, in the leftist mindset, to aver and avow that “Everybody does it,” so it’s OK for the left to do it.

Even though everybody does not do it.


So the lesson — which I suspect, after decades of exposure to this shopworn trope, is becoming second nature to thinking human beings, thus the diminution of the Left’s political mind share — is that, on hearing one of these hysterical screeds from the Left, one should simply assume that the Left is engaged in the putative behavior, watch for it, and move to counter it.

It becomes, in effect, an intelligence tool in — yes — politics as warfare.

Hey! They started it!

*Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.

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