I Suppose in the Right

COMPANY A Lewinsky can be a gracious gesture. Hostess-to-guest, for example.

If that’s what Obama meant when he called the press “gracious.”

Goodness Gracious Peter Agnes! As your grandma used to say.

Heh. I’d forgotten that. She did, didn’t she?

Update: A response to a comment turns into an expansion of the post…

There’s a difference between holding legacy power — and it needs to be said, not for long, judging by the poor financial health of flagship institutions within the media — and being in the mainstream of American political thought.

What I can garner from the information pittance provided by the media, most Americans simply want to be left alone to live their lives — to tend their own vines and fig trees. They are inattentive to politics at best. They do not concern themselves with the activities of the government and are unaware of the dangers inherent in a fundamentally statist government. They don’t see there’s anything they can do about it and they don’t really care.

But they do know that things are bad. How? Well, by the legacy partisan (so-called mainstream) press, of course. So they vote for change.

The media, meantime, fails miserably in its primary fiduciary responsibility to keep the public informed. The painful lesson — which may or may not be learned to change the party in power in Congress come twenty-ought-ten — is that the “change” that was voted for was not the “change” that was delivered. And to pay the firk attention next time.

No. I don’t think many will learn that last one. But they may decide it’s time for a change again two years down the road.

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