I Suppose I Should

HAVE SOMETHING TO say about the hack-in at HadCRU, which is all over the news. Me bein’ all monomaniacal about the big fraud that CAGW is and all, but… I can’t really see why it’s big news.

I mean: yeah… But. It’s big news and all, sure, because it’s a sharp stick in the eye of the watermelon envirowackos who keep trying to foist socialism on the rest of us in the name of the planet.

And trust me, when Gaia says, “Not in MY name, Buster!” you’ll frakkin’ hear it.

But I suspected something the like of what’s being revealed in the liberated data.

After all, the HadCRU is muy sympatico with the crew at GISS — Hansen and that lot. They’re all buddy-buddy and singing from the same charts on the topic of gobal warming. And, if you look at either or both the data and the meta data on the U.S. record, the USHCN, you discover that the original data itself is spotty, inconsistent (at best), biased, and of too short a time line and at FAR too low a resolution for the results to be anything more than “when we looked where we looked.” So why would you expect a system that’s been run by a government far more collectivist than ours (yes, that’s relevant, as collectivist governments have no trouble suborning junk science) to be any different?

And HadCRU has been mighty chary about providing its data to peer review. Downright tight-fisted, as a matter of fact. So much so that you HAD to suspect they were hiding something, and it was only a matter of time until the data did get released, and we’d find out what that something was. Is.

Interesting times.

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