I Suppose Hannity Feels

HE HAS TO HAVE A commie-lib sympathizer on in order to satisfy some notion he has of fairness and even-handedness and balance. I do declare, though, he’d and the nation would be far better served if he were to put as much emphasis on being right as he does on being fair.

Wednesday, he had some parlor pink on trying to defend that Perdue harridan’s call for the suspension of elections.

I don’t care how you cast it. It doesn’t matter whether she meant it seriously or not. That’s not something you do in a republic. She’s not a dictator. She’s not a queen. She doesn’t get to call for a suspension of elections. This isn’t Nazi Germany or Chavezist Venezuela or the Workers’ Paradise of the Shining Path. That kind of thing may go over in those places, but it doesn’t go over here. The call was and remains indefensible, and the ONLY acceptable response would be for Gov. Perdue to step down and commit honorable seppuku. Of course, as a Democrat, she has no honor, but that’s what SHOULD happen.

For leftists to go on national radio and attempt to justify the woman’s words is unacceptable. The act is indefensible, and to try to defend it is merely to add insult to injury. All right-thinking Americans should abhor the very notion, and that there are people on these shores who cannot or will not see that is to our national shame.

Giving voice to treason is not fair and balanced.

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