I Started a Joke

WELL, ACTUALLY, BOBBI X STARTED IT and I almost posted a comment to the generic blog post comment thread, to the effect of: This Post Removed by Author (which never makes it clear whether it’s the author of the post, the overal blog, or the comment who removed it — if it matters).

But then, I had the Fonzie moment. You know, the one in the opener from Happy Days when he goes to comb his hair in the restroom mirror, whips out his comb, realizes his hair is already perfect (a quart of Brillcream’ll do that for you), and he goes “‘Eeeyyyy!” and re-pockets his comb.

It (the comment thread) is perfect the way it is. And a hearty golf clap to the commenters who dove right into the spirit of the thing — even got some on their faces — and pulled it off most wonderfully.

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