I Should Be Proud

I SUPPOSE OF THE fact that, in days gone by, I had not one but two trolls from Media Matters — James Wolcott and Oliver Willis — neither of which, I’m afraid, rises above Nietzschean derision, “At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.” As Mark Hemmingway puts it in his article at The Weekly Standard, Media Matters for America is really, really insipid.

There’s a lot of brouhaha and who-struck-John going on about how MMFA founder, David Brock has declared war on Fox News.

Nobody’s paying you much mind. You’re not getting traction, for all your furious effort.

I mean, as a professional journalist, I’m not sure how I feel about James O’Keefe’s methodology. But with a few hidden cameras and next to no money, he’s taking a wrecking ball to some of liberal America’s biggest institutions. MMFA blows $10 million a year and what do they have to show for it?

So you walk up to the most visible guy around and you kick him in the knee. Then you back away and shout to your friends, “Let’s you and him fight!”


Wasn’t Brock the muck-raker from the early ’90s who wrote The Real Anita Hill and did all that “journalism” on Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm and how corrupt the Clintons were/are? Why, yes, he was.

And then the Clintonistas outed him as being gay, (which, it’s notable, neither The American Spectator nor anybody else in the Right gave a damn about, but apparently the politicians of personal destruction on the Left thought we ought to, and so it became a credible threat to out the poor guy), and he had a Road to Damascus moment and became a liberal.

One of a handful in all of human history to make the conversion in that direction as he got older.

And, like any convert, he’s more virulent and vituperative than the reddest of red diaper babies.

Too bad that the religion he’s converted to provides him with such thin gruel. Not enough substance there to win in the arena of ideas — and too obviously mendacious to keep winning at the ballot box (after three generations of broken promises, it’s getting harder all the time to keep ’em down on the plantation) — now he’s convinced has to resort to guerilla warfare and sabotage against the leftist scapegoat of the decade — Fox News (back in Brock’s heyday, the goat was TAS’s patron, Richard Mellon Scaife).

Yes, insipid. Risible. Pathetic. It’s sad, really. Convert to a bankrupt idealism and have to go around buttonholing random strangers to get them to listen to you. What’s next? A soap box out front of the sewage treatment plant?

Pity the poor bastard.

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