I See No Reason

NOT TO GO WITH THE STRAIGHT talking points on this one.

The Buffet Ruse is a lie.

Given that the top whatever percent of taxpayers pay whatever percent of all income taxes, anyone who backs the concept of the Buffet Ruse with a straight face ought to be given no further credence on any subject.

You should not listen to them on matters political. You should not even accept their recommendation for summer beach reading. They are witless tools, with no connection whatsoever to reality.

Their employers, creditors — hell, their churches — should look at them askance and not ever trust their word on any subject from now til Kingdom Come.

Nor should anyone accept any statement at face value from anyone who believes them on the Buffet Ruse.

And, you, gentle reader, should stand at the sharp point of all this distrust. After all, the lies are aimed at you — at shamelessly trying to arouse bigotry, envy, covetousness in your heart. And, after all is said and done, why should you trust them? If they are willing to lie on this subject, how can you ever believee anything they ever say ever again?


Remember, my friends: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

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