I Say All The Time That

IT’S FAR TOO EASY to be far too ecumenical.

Civility is only due those who play by the rules. There is a reason that terrorists, guerillas, and spies are permitted to be summarily executed under the laws of warfare. Once a person has violated such fundamental rules of the game, they forfeit all consideration under those rules.

I argue that, far from such miscreants’ being due consideration, far from the soul of society requiring merciful treatment of those whose every acts proclaims a desire to tear down that society, such behavior demands — as a civic duty — that the outlaw be destroyed out of hand. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And I submit that, since we manifestly do not want to assign the task to a public executioner, it is the duty of every law-abiding citizen to perform the task, for the good of the whole.

It was, therefor, with growing agreement that I read this article, “Not Evil Just Wrong … OR Wrong AND Evil?”

You see, I know the global warming fanatics are wrong. They are so wrong that a clear-headed six-year-old can see it. You have to be deeply indoctrinated with a mixture of science-worship, socialism, loathing of capitalism, and more than a little ignorance to buy the garbage Al Gore and his cronies have been peddling.

[a long, read-worthy list and concise refutations of warmista bullet points]…

Someone who would push a deception that would cost millions of jobs, reverse our development and point us back toward the disease-ridden cesspool environments of the past, and lock huge areas of the world in captivity to disease and poverty…I have to ask myself: is this not merely wrong, but evil?

And I cannot avoid the inescapable conclusion that, yes, they are evil. They care not a whit about the average human being outside their elitist circle, only about their utopian ideals, and if a few million (or billion) people have to die horrific deaths to get there, so be it.

A knee-jerk negative reaction to “over-the-top” uses of the word “evil” should neither be countenanced. Rather, those having that reaction should either know better or learn better: evil does exist in the world, and it doesn’t always wear an ugly face.

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