I Said Before the Election

ACTUALLY EVEN BEFORE McCain clearly had the nomination locked up, that “message” voting was useless. Sure it’s been a teachable occasion. Problem is, as the old joke goes, you can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think. The lesson may have been ready-to-hand, but the student — the Republican Party power structure — remained (and remains) intransigent, incorrigible, and ineducable. I said then and say now, it doesn’t matter what message you send, the GOP won’t hear it. It doesn’t matter what lesson you teach, the RNC appears incapable of learning it. They will, in fact, most assuredly educe exactly the wrong lesson.

What the party should have learned from this election is what Rush has been preaching for 20 years and others — Reagan, Goldwater, Buckley, Kirk, et al — for far longer: conservatism wins elections. (Conservatism as a movement defined here. The Reagan landslide is repeatable by anyone with the courage to try. Offer a clear message of liberty, limited government, strong national defense, low taxes, diminishing regulation and you will win votes hand over fist.

It is a lesson the party refuses to learn.<?p>

There may be another lesson — for the rank-and-file voter — to be learned here.

(Hat tip: Dr. Melissa Clouthier.)

(Also Jonah.)

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