I Really Think the EPA Should Be Told

TO GO PISS UP A ROPE and their clean air regulations ignored. And, when they send inspectors and whomever to enforce their unconstitutional regulatory takings and try to close coal-fired electrical generating plants on which the public relies for electric power, the inspectors should be shot as saboteurs.

I’m serious. This shit is really getting too fucking crazy for words!

And Barbara Boxer should go on a list, too, for her fascist denial of representation to the People of Texas.

As well as her terminal stupidity.

And, because of the terminal stupidity represented OH so ably by la Boxer and her ilk, and the EPA and the concept that brought it into existence in the first place, I must hereby disclaim about the “should be shot” part, otherwise some idiot — unacquainted with the concept of hyperbole — will think I literally meant that people should take shots at Federal agents. No way. That’s too freaking dangerous. Those guys kill citizens without even batting an eyelash. Ever hear of Ruby Ridge? Waco? You take them on, you do it at your own risk. Leave me out of it.

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