I Really Can’t Fathom

WHY MITT ROMNEY hasn’t slunk back to whatever palace he issued forth from in hot faced shame and embarrassment. How can anybody who’s been so very wrong on so many things continue to think he has a prayer in the coming election is beyond me.

Um… Obama?

Um… My point?

I mean, look: he’s been wrong on…

Medical Insurance. He’s firmly in the socialized medicine camp. Won’t backpedal. Won’t admit he might have made a mistake. Says he doesn’t like what Obama’s doing, but misses the fact it’s none of the government’s business in the first place, and the solution isn’t more government, but less.

Global Warming. So thoroughly debunked, it leaves a vortex hanging in the air when it passes. So obviously a socialist red herring and stalking horse you wonder how any sane and intelligent individual…

Kenny, the restaurant’s on fire. I’ll call you back.

And now the whole green energy folly. The idiot just swallows bogus stats whole and vomits them forth as though they actually mean anything. So many people have debunked the “we should use energy on European levels” so thoroughly, I won’t do more. But I will point out that, really, people, we need to stop this wanting to be Europe. We LEFT Europe because the place stank so badly. Why in the WORLD would you want to go back?

Do I really need to go on?

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