I Listen to Glen Beck

MOSTLY BECAUSE he’s on. I was really pissed at WKRC when they dumped Laura Ingraham. My favorite lineup would NOT include Beck, but WOULD include Laura, Bill (the Czar) Bennett, and G-Man Gordon Liddy.

::sigh:: Put that on the “someday” list. Someday, I’ll be working in an office where I can plug in speakers and listen to my choice of talk radio off the Internet instead of having to accept what I can get over the air.

So Beck this morning says something just so stupid as to induce terminal flabbergastion.

He’s ranting about Blago’s moral turpitude and the general corruption destroying the country. And he says, “They’re still playing the Democrat/Republican game. I DON’T CARE what his party is!”

Doubleyew. Tee. Eff?!1!!eleven?

I mean, if it weren’t palpably obvious that, like, 99 and 44/100 percent of the corruption is Democrat in nature, he might have a point. Something died in the country when we stopped tarring and feathering corrupt pols, and Blago is the epitome of the type.


Don’t care?


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