I LIke This

ALL YOU ON THE RIGHT (albeit not in it for reasons that will become crystalline upon reading). And I kept trying to find a nut graph and couldn’t. The whole thing is too full of nutty, chocolatey goodness. RTWT.

But two points to key on are…

I’ve been increasingly dismayed over the last month or so my the number of times I hear people say “we’re not voting ourselves out of this”. It’s dismaying, because it’s a vote of no confidence in the Republic’s future, and that particular future leads to no place but ugly.


I’ll be rethinking my “Vote Them Out/All Of Them” stance. It’s imprecise, and not diagnostic of the problem. Reading back through it, I kind of feel stupid for issuing that particular fatwa. Be sure of your target, and what’s behind it …

(Emph mine.)

Very wise and insightful. You must go read and absorb this or be out of it.

That is all.

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