I Like Ragin’ Dave’s

TAKE ON THE McChrystal “gaffe.” The guy in’t stupid. He knows OpSec. He knows counter-insurgent tactics, winning hearts and minds and all that.

And from another tangent, there is this quote from Thomas Sowell:

The day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup.

What form do you suppose a military coup might take? Planes and tanks advancing on the centers of power in Washington? Does that sound sensible?
Is that a winning strategy?

Or would revealing the weakness of Teh Won’s grasp on his illegitimate power be a “force multiplier,” enlisting the American people in the cause?
And might it not have the added advantage of posing less of a risk to the Constitution than a violent overthrow of an elected government?

Can you say, “Impeachment?” Sher ya can.

That’s a powerful lot of dots, there, Alger. You sure they’re connected in the right order?

Not at all. Not yet, anyway.

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