I Know I Don’t Have

THE CHOPS TO DO a national talk radio program. But there are times when I badly wish I could sock-puppet the hosts who do.

Like the inestimable Mark Steyn Wednesday on the Rush Limbaugh show. He had someone on trying to make the case for the government “option” who claimed that the insurance company let some relative or friend of hers die.

And my question immediately would be, “Well, was the procedure even covered by the policy?”

Because, you see, that really matters.

And if you think that it won’t matter under a government option — or an out-and-out single-payer, full-court, balls-to-the-wall socialized medicine system — then I’m here to tell you not even the communists in the cabinet believe we can run our cars on unicorn farts. (Sly referential call back to a sound byte of “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones played earlier on the Glenn Beck show.)

Nice. But what do unicorn farts — in or out of a windstorm (Clever allusion to a comment you left over at Og’s blog.) — have to do with communized medicine?


You know me: I prefer to call a spade a spade. And “socialism” and all the “social-this” and “social-that” obfu-speak are code words for communism. You know: the greatest single evil brought forth by the hand of man — ever.

So I refuse to use the euphemism when the plain old Anglo Saxon pollysyllable will do — it’s communism, and I’m gonna call it that. So what Obama and his myrmidons and fellow travelers in the government and the Northeast Liberal communist establishment want to do is commun-ize medicine. Not “health care”; medicine.

Now, answer the question.



Oh. The third clause of Alger’s Laws of Leftism — engaged in wishful thinking. Brainfart pipedreams. Reliance on unicorn farts for a source of energy. Thinking that whether or not a procedure is covered under a given policy won’t matter if Uncle Sam is paying the piper.

Oh. I see.

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