COLD WATER LAUNDRY wash is bunk. This is the textbook example of fetishizing conservation while forgetting the purpose of the activity in question. Cold water doesn’t get clothes clean. It’s simple chemistry. (Well, OK, it’s organic chemistry, and there’s nothing simple about it, but it’s true just the same.) I don’t care WHAT my wife says.

That article says nothing of the sort. All it says is that a lot more people prefer warm or hot water wash than do cold.

And it’s not Procter & Gamble’s function in the marketplace to try to tune consumer preferences. It is the job of business to fulfill the needs, wants, and desires of its customers. Ms. Dawn French needs to get off her moral high horse, stop preaching to consumers or trying to nudge them in favor of her personal policy preferences, and get back to the knitting — serving the customer.

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