I Keep Try’n’ ‘a Tell Ya

YOU CAN BITCH ABOUT the TSA’s squeeze-titty, grabass, scare children, drop diapers, peeking-Tom faux security theater all you want.

And you’re right — it is ridiculous and the probability of al Quaeda’s attempting something serious on an airliner asymptotically approaches zero. They’ve moved on, and the next attack with a four-or-five-figure death toll will bear no resemblance except for that number to the 9/11 atrocities.

But that’s government: always fighting the last war. It’s noted for that.

Your bitching will. Not. Change. A. Thing.

The only thing you can do that will have ANY impact whatsoever is to refuse to play the game. Do not fly. Ever. Drive where you must go, teleconference where you must not. Let the TSA pat down the occupants of empty queues.

When the airlines feel the bite in their bottom lines, they will get the government to move. Until then, all your bitching does is annoy everybody.

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